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Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Arter Sjøstjerne

Most people associate snorkling with calm waters and long beaches in warmer parts of the world. But did you know that Sunnmøre is one of the most attractive diving sites in Northern Europe?

We want to give everyone who wants to experience and learn more about life underwater a possibility to explore the bustling diversity in Skodjestraumen. The stream of water provides nutrients and facilitates a rich diversity of species underwater. It’s up to you if you want to float along the rocks and observe the different species at their own pace, or get a speedy sensation in a race through the stream. We customize the activity and instructions for individual needs.

We follow you with our RIB through the stream, and provide all the equipment you need. The only thing you need is warm clothes. You are going to wear a drysuit to keep you warm, dry and floating. This makes it possible for us to arrange snorkling trips even during the winter, when the water is at its clearest.

The trip starts in Ålesund, where we pick you up in our RIB. We drive through Brosundet and into the Borgund fjord through the Nørvasundet. Then we’re going through the Ellingsøy fjord and into the Skodje stream. After the snorkling, we return via the Ellingsøy fjord until we get to Ålesund from the north. This way, you get to see more of the Ålesund area from the ocean. The whole experience takes about three hours. This gives you the possibility to combine the trip with some of the other activities Ålesund has to offer.

We can also arrange food serving. We can deliver everything from tasty sandwiches served on board the boat, to exciting meals cooked by a chef served in an exclusive boathouse inside Skodjestraumen. Or maybe you want to end the trip on one of the exquisite restaurants in the area. We can deliver whole packages like that. Tell us what you want, and we will help you put together the optimal solution for your group!

Bring your colleagues or clients to an unforgettable company trip – something out of the ordinary!

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Snorkling i Skodjestraumen – Tare Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen - Tare Snorkling i Skodjestraumen – Tareskog  Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Snorkling i Skodjestraumen Skodjestraumen

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  • Snorkling

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    Snorkling i Skodjestraumen
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