About Us

Oceanfjord will, in a sustainable way, offer an adventurous trip accessible by most people. We open up for the flourishing biodiversity in the fjord through an unique experience in safe environment, where you can put your own limits to the test. We can offer different and exciting activities like snorkling, diving and sea rafting.

Our emphasis is on a safe, flexible and unique experience with elements of marine biology, local knowledge and history. Oceanfjord has a close collaboration with Møreforsking (research company).

Oceanfjord is owned and driven by Leif Roar Kjerstad and Tore Krakeli.

Tore Krakeli

PADI Instructor, snorkeling guide
Responsibility for shop, service, courses
Phone: (+47) 906 43 719

Leif Roar Kjerstad

Leif Roar Kjerstad

PADI Divemaster, RIB skipper, Snorkeling guide
Responsible for RIB Safari, snorkeling, diving trips
Phone: (+47) 926 87 028

Tove Rust

PADI Divemaster, snorkeling guide

Martin Hansen

PADI Divemaster, RIB skipper